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The catalogue K.H. Hödicke presents important phases in the artist's work since the 1960s. The focus is on K.H. Hödicke's large-format Paintings on Paper from the 1970s and '80. In them he documents his painterly investigations over the course of two decades. He sometimes calls them "trial runs" and, through them, figures out compositions for motifs, varies them in series, and in the process comes up with ever new solutions in his art. The Paintings on Paper are preceded by the so-called DIN-A4-Zeichnungen, letter-size drawings from the late 1960s to the late 1970s. These stand out from his small-format drawings. Their motifs today appear like historical documents. Hödicke's works on paper, in contrast to his paintings, display a much higher speed of line, and they accept the unpredictable evolution of a composition as intrinsic to a work's genesis. The artist intentionally accepts this risk in order to achieve a dynamic painterly quality which, in the end becomes the works' trademark. Hödicke enjoys toying with risk, even at the danger of overburdening the compositions or loosing control over them. The present catalogs are exclusively devoted to these bodies of work. They beautifully testify to the fact that K.H. Hödicke today is to be considered a classic artist but that his decades' long work has lost none of its freshness and topicality. (Text: Walther König)

  • Publisher Michael Herig
  • K.H. HÖDICKE: 1. Mixed Media / 2. DIN A 4 - München, staatliche graphische Sammlung
  • Walther König, Munich 2020
  • 978-3-96098-805-2
  • 1216104093
  • 764 pages with 370 colored illustrations, language: german & english
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