CALINE AOUN . Seeing in Believing
CALINE . AOUN . seeing is believing

The transition from the analog to the digital age has radically changed our present. The global flow of data shapes social systems, but the circulation and processing of data does not seem to be linked to the reality of our lives. As Deutsche Bank’s »Artist of the Year,« young Lebanese artist Caline Aoun (*1983) reveals how data manifests itself materially and how inseparable the real and the virtual world have become. For her, the permanent flood of images and data resembles »noise« that dominates our lives. Instead of further intensifying this media noise, she lends it a material dimension »in order to create new experiences, forms of silence, and empty spaces,« and to show otherwise scarcely tangible connections.

  • Art, Culture & Sports, Deutsche Bank AG (Editors
  • Kerber Verlag. 2020
  • 978-3-7356-0642-6
  • Texts by Britta Färber, Murtaza Vali. Dimensions: 23,8 × 28,5 cm, 140 Pages, 43 colored and 7 b/w illustrations, Softcover, Languages: German, English
  • 1216103364
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