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KATAMAKU is a collection of products that utilizes the unused parts of the membrane material that were used to build tents and stadiums such as the Tokyo Dome. Because the leftover materials are rarely utilizable for other purposes, they are usually discarded in large quantities. With KATAMAKU, the materials that were to be disposed of were made into various cases and bags for everyday use with excellent durability. KATAMAKU is mad eof heavy-duty canvas fiber extracted from the same material used to build the iconic Tokyo Dome. Despite its paper-thin appearance, the KATAMAKU series are strong, durable and waterproof. These goods are inspired by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. Image: Trinus

  • 1216112262
  • Fluoresin coated glass fiber fabric; PCV coated polyester fiber fabric, 11 x 6,7 x 1 cm
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