G.S. Rogado, Insight
G.S. Rogado, Insight

Insight brings together recent works by the painter Giacomo Santiago Rogado www.rogado.com (b. 1979). Spanning the past five years of his oeuvre, the selection focuses on the series Intuition, Coalescence and Introspection, alongside a series of large-scale installation works. This new publication offers the reader an intimate encounter with Rogado’s finesse for seductive form. As vibrant in their texture as they are in tone, his works command attention of a visceral nature, luring in the viewer and capturing the imagination. The artist’s thematic engagement with deceleration, contemplation, and meditation is amplified in his choice of materials – including oil, pigment, and acrylic paint on canvas – throughout his practice.

  • Giacomo Santiago Rogado
  • Insight
  • School of Observation, 2020
  • 9783947432011
  • 1216112689
  • Maße 33 x 24cm . 217 Seiten . deutsch, englisch
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